Genesis Homes Celebrates First Year of Net-Zero Home with $0 Electric Bill FOR THE YEAR!

Genesis Homes’ is celebrating the one year anniversary of the completion of their Net Zero Home with some great news! In its first year of operation, the home generated enough energy to be completely self-sufficient for the entire year! Through the use of solar panels on the roof, the home incurred a $0 net energy bill. As the name suggests, this energy efficiency was the purpose of the Net Zero Home and its first year has proven to be a shining success.

The impact of energy efficient homes can be great not only for the environment but for the individuals and families who live in them. Rent or mortgage payments combined with utility bills are generally considered a family’s total housing expenses, and if these expenses exceed more than 30% of a family’s income then the home is considered unaffordable. Reducing utility expenses can dramatically reduce a family’s monthly bills, making financial stability more attainable.

Now imagine the impact this could have for a low-income family. During its first year of operation, Genesis Homes partnered with Greenville Area Interfaith Hospitality Network (GAIHN) to house a transitional family.

Genesis Homes will continue to promote solar energy in its rental homes whenever possible.

For more information on Net Zero Homes:

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